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Education Topics

Budgeting, Saving & Credit

How our habits affect our dollars.

Unfortunately, for most people, they were never taught the importance of creating a budget and saving money, while society teaches us to be constant consumers. This seminar is all about creating the right mindset and habits to become a better saver, conscience spender, and cautious borrower. 

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Estate Planning for Everyone

Estate planning is not just for the wealthy, it's for everyone. You should always be in control of your assets, the well-being of your children and your last wishes. This seminar reveals the details of life insurance, trust, medical directives and more.

*Not to be construed as legal advice

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Fundamentals of Investing

Want to know the difference between the Dow and the S&P? Does investment jargon confuse you? Learn the basics of investing in this seminar so that you can be a better investor.

Retirement Basics

IRA vs 401k, Pre-Tax vs Roth. What investments should and shouldn't be in a retirement account? Retirement is a concern for most people, no one wants to work longer than they have to. This seminar provides insight into all things retirement.

Understanding Medicare

& Social Security

Medicare options range from A-M and when you include non-government vendors the list just gets longer. Social Security claiming strategies are constantly changing and determining what age to claim is often confusing. Stay up to date with changes in these government programs with this seminar. 

Tax Topics

Why is my tax bill so high? What is a Roth? What is TCJA? Taxes are often the cause of headache and heartache, this class is designed to teach basic tax topics and strategies.

*Not to be construed as tax advice

The Road to Retirement

Reaching your retirement savings goals starts with developing a roadmap. Disbursements, Social Security, taxes and asset allocation are just a few areas that need a plan. Learn the best ways to prepare for retirement as it draws closer. 

Identity Theft and Cyber Security

It is no longer a question of if but when and how you will be the target of technology fraud. This seminar gives you several ways to keep you and your family safe in a digital world.

Physical Fitness and Financial Fitness

Financial fitness can help improve your physical fitness. Good money habits aren't too different from healthy habits. Learn what physical fitness can teach you about financial fitness.

Defense, Defense 

How to protect yourself and your portfolio

What scares you? Do you find certain situations cause you to panic. Here is an innovate and active way to learn both about defensive portfolio strategies and self-defense. A combination of finance and self protection tactics from experts in karate. (Women Only)

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A Parents Guide to Kids and Cash

When should you begin conversations about money with your children? Should you give your child an allowance? This seminar will guide you through the steps of raising financially responsible kids.

Tough Conversations about Money

There are few converaions that are harder to start than the "money talk." It may be with a spouse, child, parent or sibling, this seminar will give you the tools to effectively navigate these conversations.